Smart TV

Roofdog: Smartphone (Some rights reserved) Smart TV = traditional television set with integrated Internet and interactive Web features, which allows users to stream music and videos, browse the internet, and view photos HeadlinesIt’s Still Stupidly, Ridiculously Difficult To Buy A ‘Dumb’ TV WikipediaSmart TV Planeta

After the pandemic

RoofDog (Some rights reserved) Essay in progress. After the pandemic, there are places I (Ron Mader) want to visit – some as return journeys, others as first-time encounters. After the pandemic I have desires to visit friends and family face to face. I want to collide with strangers. I want to be protective of the …

How did that work out for you?

Roofdog (Some rights reserved) ‘How did that work out for you?’ is a popular question at least in US lingo, on the upswing in the past few years. Used often in a snarky fashion. Translating: How did that work out for you? Spanish: ¿Cómo te resultó eso?Swedish: Hur fungerade det för dig?German: Wie hat das …

Are you open?

Roofdog (Some rights reserved) A timely question – for locals and visitors – is a particular locale open? Translating: Are you open?Spanish: ¿Está abierta/o?German: Haben Sie geöffnet?Swedish: Är du öppen? Yes (as of August 2021) Planeta

How can remote allies, friends, journalists, and others participate in #COP15?

Roofdog A request for the organizers of the 15th Biodiversity COP: Please show us communication strategies where remote participants can engage – listen, learn, and share relevant info. Translating: How can remote allies, friends, journalists, and others participate in #COP15?Spanish: ¿Cómo pueden los aliados, amigos, periodistas, y otras personas participar en forma lejana (remote participation) …