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Driving in Mexico

Photo: Abasto(s) 2011 Author’s note: Updating one of’s oldest features, presented without necessary edits and updates. Suggestions are welcome. Good news – major roads have good signage – displaying the highway number, kilometer marker, and mileage for upcoming cities. An added plus are solar-powered emergency telephones on the toll (cuota) highways. Most toll roads …


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Tesla Motors

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Buzzwords NUMTOT = The popular Facebook group New Urbanist Memes for Transit-Oriented Teens (NUMTOT), was the digital launchpad for this acronym, used to refer to any young person that appreciates public transit as well as urban development. Wikipedia: The group was created in March 2017 as “New Urbanist Shitposting”, and was intended as a spin-off …

Pan-American Highway

    Map: Seaweege Wikipedia: The Pan-American Highway (French: (Auto)route panaméricaine/transaméricaine; Portuguese: Rodovia/Auto-estrada Pan-americana; Spanish: Autopista/Carretera/Ruta Panamericana) is a network of roads stretching across the American continents and measuring about 30,000 kilometres (19,000 mi)[1] in total length. Except for a rainforest break of approximately 106 km (70 mi), called the Darién Gap, the roads link …