Lazy River

Buzzwords Lazy River = A lazy river is a water ride found in water parks, hotels, resorts, and recreation centers, which usually consists of a shallow pool that flows similarly to a river Embedded Tweets WikipediaLazy river Planeta

Rogue River

Photo: Stacy Johnson, BLM, Summer Weeding Trip Wikipedia: The Rogue River in southwestern Oregon in the United States flows about 215 miles (346 km) in a generally westward direction from the Cascade Range to the Pacific Ocean. Known for its salmon runs, whitewater rafting, and rugged scenery, it was one of the original eight rivers …


Photo River = a large natural stream of water flowing in a channel to the sea, a lake, or another such stream features rivers around the world, with place-based guides and by embedding watery info onto city pages: Rivers Cities


Photo Lake = a large body of water surrounded by land WikipediaLake Chaubunagungamaug– also known as Lake Char­gogg­a­gogg­man­chaugg­a­gogg­chau­bun­a­gung­a­maugg USA Examples World Examples

SevenSeas Media

Elsewhere on the Web SEVENSEAS Media – – promotes marine conservation through community engagement, online media, and ecotourism, with readers in 174 countries. Started as a project of The Ocean Foundation, SevenSeas Media works toward a shared goal of reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world and expanding ocean literacy. SEVENSEAS …

Indian Ocean Dipole

Buzzwords Wikipedia: The Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD), also known as the Indian Niño, is an irregular oscillation of sea-surface temperatures in which the western Indian Ocean becomes alternately warmer and then colder than the eastern part of the ocean. Also see: Negative dipole, neutral dipole, positive dipole Recommended ListeningInside Science (January 9, 2020) – BBC …


Photo: Tasman Sea Sea = Smaller, partly landlocked sections of the ocean and certain large, entirely landlocked, saltwater lakes, such as the Caspian Sea and the Dead Sea ExamplesThe Caspian Sea is the world’s largest inland body of water, variously classed as the world’s largest lake or a full-fledged sea. The Dead Sea is a …