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Photo Ocelot = medium-sized wild cat that has a tawny yellow coat marked with black blotches and spots, and ranges from southern Texas through South America. Embedded Tweets WikipediaOcelot Planeta


Photo Buffalo = a heavily built wild ox with backswept horns, found mainly in the Old World tropics HeadlinesIt’s Bison, Not Buffalo. And Other American Bison Facts WikipediaBubalina Planeta


Photo: Biodiversity Heritage Library, Compléments de Buffon Bandicoot = a mainly insectivorous marsupial native to Australia and New Guinea Embedded Tweets Headlines Photos

Prarie Dogs

Prarie Dog = a gregarious ground squirrel that lives in interconnected burrows that may cover many acres. It is native to the grasslands of North America. Photos Embedded Tweets Planeta


Illustration: BHL, Black-footed tree-rat Rat = Medium-sized, long-tailed rodents Artwork Wikipedia Rat Black-footed tree-rat Planeta Mammals Chinese New Year Biodiversity Heritage Library 2020 Calendar


Photo: (Some rights reserved) The pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) is a species of artiodactyl (even-toed, hoofed) mammal native to interior western and central North America Embedded Tweets Photos WikipediaPronghorn Planeta