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What would locals like others know about Chaco Culture National Historical Park? Presenting relevant links in a somewhat random fashion:

Native American leaders say Chaco prayers being answered – AP
Chaco Canyon protections are personal for pueblo leaders – AJ
Haaland visits Chaco Culture National Historical Park – NM Political Report @nmreport
Biden moves to block oil, gas drilling near Native American cultural site in New Mexico
Ecosystem impacts by the Ancestral Puebloans of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, USA – Plos One @plos
More than ceremonial, ancient Chaco Canyon was home, new study says
Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, and its astronomical rock art – EarthSky@earthskyscience
Chaco Canyon – New Mexico Nomad
Chaco Canyon’s Fractured Landscape Holds Clues To Biden’s Environmental Policy – Fronteras
In slap to New Mexico communities, BLM derides holding public meetings because of carbon emission
The Treasures of Chaco Canyon Are Threatened by Drilling
BLM Defers Oil and Gas Lease Sales in New Mexico, Temporarily Protecting Chaco Culture National Historical Park – NPCA
Chaco Canyon deserves better
Ancestral people of Chaco Canyon likely grew their own food
Chaco Canyon: Too precious to frack
Earth Notes: Around Chaco Canyon, a Different Kind of Energy Boom
How the Antiquities Act has expanded the national park system
Jewell Asked to Monitor Fracking near Chaco Canyon
Groups Support Rejection Of Fracking Near New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon
The Heart of the Colorado Plateau – Chaco Canyon

Santa Fe Reporter: President Joe Biden yesterday announced the Department of the Interior in the coming weeks “will initiate consideration of a 20-year withdrawal of federal lands within a 10-mile radius around Chaco Culture National Historical Park, protecting the area from new federal oil and gas leasing and development.” A White House briefing on “Building A New Era of Nation-to-Nation Engagement,” which outlines various initiatives with Tribal nations, notes “for the past decade, Pueblos and Tribes in Arizona and New Mexico have raised concerns about encroaching oil and gas development threatening sacred and cultural sites, and Congress has passed a series of actions to temporarily defer new leasing.” The proposed withdrawal, the briefing says, “will not apply to Individual Indian Allotments or to minerals within the area owned by private, state and Tribal entities,” nor “impose restrictions on other developments, such as roads, water lines, transmission lines, or buildings.” US Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-NM, requested the withdrawal in a May letter to US Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, saying then “it is time to move from short-term policies that shift every year to the long-term certainty provided by an administrative withdrawal of the federal mineral resources in the vicinity of the park.” Heinrich issued a statement yesterday welcoming the Biden administration’s announcement and stating he intends to reintroduce legislation with members of the New Mexico delegation to permanently withdraw the federal lands around Chaco Canyon from further mineral development. “Chaco Canyon is one of the most precious landscapes on Earth and holds deep meaning for Tribes, Pueblos and communities in northern New Mexico,” Heinrich said in a statement. “I am grateful for Secretary Haaland’s leadership and all of the New Mexicans who have worked to preserve the integrity of Chaco’s irreplaceable resources.”

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EcoFlight Overflight of Chaco Canyon


We Are Greater Chaco
We Are Greater Chaco highlights grassroots Diné and Pueblo efforts to protect the Greater Chaco landscape and its living communities and cultures from fracking. The film centers the voices of Indigenous community members leading this fight. All film content goes through an editorial and approval process with core members of the Greater Chaco Coalition. The full length film is forthcoming in 2020. To increase engagement and accessibility on the Navajo Nation, We Are Greater Chaco will be translated into Diné Bizaad.


Recommended Listening
Tuesday, August 7, 2018 – Protecting Chaco – Native America Calling

National Park

Access a current weather report for Chaco Culture from the National Weather Service. Read More

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Protected Planet

Ancient observatories: G. B. Cornucopia
The Greater Chaco LandscapeOpen AccessJstor

Chacoan Roads

Google Maps

Dark Skies / International Dark Sky Park

Visit Chaco

World Heritage Site
In 1987 Chaco Culture was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as an outstanding example of world cultural patrimony.

For over 2,000 years, Pueblo peoples occupied a vast region of the south-western United States. Chaco Canyon, a major centre of ancestral Pueblo culture between 850 and 1250, was a focus for ceremonials, trade and political activity for the prehistoric Four Corners area. Chaco is remarkable for its monumental public and ceremonial buildings and its distinctive architecture – it has an ancient urban ceremonial centre that is unlike anything constructed before or since. In addition to the Chaco Culture National Historical Park, the World Heritage property includes the Aztec Ruins National Monument and several smaller Chaco sites managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Nageezi, New Mexico – Wikipedia


Nearby: Salmon Ruins

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Chaco Culture National Historical Park
Chuska Mountains
Fajada Butte
Zuni mountains


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