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fondazioneslowfood.com: Chilhuacle is endemic to La Cañada in Oaxaca, a fertile region with a warm and mild climate. Today it remains the only area of Mexico where chilhuacle is cultivated, and the crop continues to be grown on small plots using traditional agricultural practices mixed with some modern practices. The chilhuacle plant has straight stems, dark green oval leaves and white flowers. The fruit are trapezoidal in shape, with a smooth texture, and start out as a bright green color that changes as they mature. The mature fruit can be black (a deep brown), red or yellow according to the three varieties: chilhuacle negro, chilhuacle rojo and chilhuacle amarillo. The color difference is not the result of leaving the fruit for different maturation stages as with some peppers, but depends specifically on the type. Today chilhuacle is grown in small quantities, predominantly in the San Juan Bautista Cuicatlán municipality of Oaxaca by the Cuicatecos and Chinatecos Indigenous peoples who inhabit the region.

Chilhuacle, el renacer del chile oaxaqueño

Mmmmmm, Chile Chilhuacle Negro


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