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Spotlight on the Chinantla culture / region of Southern Mexico.

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Recommended Listening: XEOJN, La Voz de la Chinantla
Translated from INPI: In the northern region of the state of Oaxaca, known as the Chinantla, through low relief planes to mountainous knots, the XEOJN signal extends to reach Chinantecos, Mazatecos, Cuicatecos, Zapotecos, Mixes and Mixtecos.

The cultural and natural wealth of the coverage area, together with its population, has been affected twice: in 1955 with the construction of the Miguel Alemán Valdez de Temacal dam (which affected the population of Mazateca) and in 1989, with the dam Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado from Cerro de Oro, Oaxaca (which affected the Chinantec population). This factor was one of those that motivated the installation of an Indigenous radio station.

Thus, La Voz de la Chinantla began its transmission on November 18, 1991.

XEOJN has worked without losing sight of its main objective: to contribute to the integral and sustainable development of Indigenous peoples and communities, through communication processes that strengthen their cultural manifestations and productive capacities, as well as provide knowledge regarding their rights; contribute to expand your knowledge universe; cover their information, intercom and entertainment needs, and form a plural, inclusive and respectful diversity society that fosters social and institutional participation.

XEOJN La Voz de la Chinantla del SRCI de la CDI, San Lucas Ojitlán, Oaxaca, Méx, 10 mil Watts 950 AM, inicia transmisión el 18 de noviembre de 1991.



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Llama diputado a difundir y promocionar la ruta de la Chinantla

La Chinantla


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