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Photo: Templo Mayor (Some rights reserved)

Cities need human voices to articulate stories about regenerative practices and responsible travel. There are countless good actions taking place around the globe and we would like to hear what’s taking place.

Planeta.com spotlights cities around the globe. Our guides are far from perfect, so suggestions are always welcome.

We would like to see more public face-to-face encounters which are complemented by the social web.

Questions = Preguntas

  • What would locals like others know about their city? = ¿Qué sabría la gente local como los demás sobre su ciudad?
  • How can Planeta.com embed cultural and environmental deep dives into our city guides? = ¿Cómo puede Planeta.com incorporar inmersiones culturales y ambientales profundas en nuestras guías de ciudades?
  • Are there any city events that Planeta.com should preview and recap? = ¿Hay algún evento de la ciudad que Planeta.com debería ver y resumir?

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