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Photo: Henderson, Cornerstone

Planeta.com spotlights our favorite city parks around the world. Which are your favorites?

What we love: City parks are used for physical activity, competitive games and gentle strolls. City parks are safe havens for children in which to play and explore the natural world. Parks offer a respite from urban stress.


  • Which are your favorite city parks on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube?
  • What are the most interesting things city parks are doing this year?
  • What would locals like visitors to know about [insert name]’s parks?
  • Do the parks have volunteer programs? = ¿Los parques tienen programas de voluntariado?

Recommended Listening

Iconic Designs: the world’s first municipal park – We often take the parks in our towns and cities for granted. The world’s first municipal park opened in 1847, at Birkenhead in the north of England, across the river Mersey from Liverpool.


  • Place for physical exercise
  • Public health
  • Psychological well-being
  • Environmental education
  • Pollution absorption
  • Wildlife protection
  • Street noise buffering
  • Building community

Translating: What are your favorite city parks?
Spanish: ¿Cuáles son tus parques urbanos favoritos?
Welsh: Beth yw eich hoff barciau dinesig?

What are your favorite city parks? = ¿Cuáles son tus parques urbanos favoritos? #RoofDog




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