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Obsolete Objects

Photo: Ron Mader, Reception (Some rights reserved)

What technologies and tools are we using today that might be on a display of ‘Obsolete Objects’ in 2100?

Clark County Museum – “Obsolete Objects” will be on display from August 6 through March 27, 2022, and will feature antiquated items such as a payphone, washboards, hand tools, cleaning, and cooking appliances from the Clark County Museums extensive collection. Exhibit Curator: Malcolm Vuksich (@mmvuk1).   

“We all have memories of using items that have become obsolete, whether it is how we listen to music or how we cooked meals,” said Clark County Museum Acting Administrator Amber Colbert.  “This exhibit will give the different generations an opportunity to connect over items or materials we no longer use and explore how they worked and why they were replaced”. 

Video: facebook.com/planetadotcom/videos/3000907040189552

About the Museum

Open daily, Clark County Museum – one of our Vegas and Henderson faves, a place for locals to take (or recommend to) visiting friends and family. Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

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