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Rolling coverage of climate news in 2019:

Upcoming Event
The UN Climate Action Summit will take place in New York City on September 23, 2019 to increase ambition and accelerate action on the global climate emergency and support the rapid implementation of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Climate Action Summit

How do tribal nations’ treaties figure into climate change?
The week when everything changed
Climate change damage to Queensland’s world heritage rainforest ‘as bad as Great Barrier Reef’
On March 15, the Climate Kids Are Coming
Where young people all over the world marched for action on climate change
Young People Feel Betrayed by Adults Over the Climate Crisis. Today, They’re Going on Strike
Climate change: a climate scientist answers questions from teenagers
Why tourism should support the Children’s Climate Strike this Friday – WTM

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April 30 Covering Climate Now
Hashtag: #CoveringClimateNow

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Expertise of Climate Change Communication Researchers Needed in #CoveringClimateNow
A convenient excuse@wenstephenson
The media is failing on climate change – here’s how they can do better ahead of 2020 – Guardian

The Role of Media (2019)
Will media’s climate blitz take root?
The Media Are Complacent While the World Burns – The Nation


  • Will the conference have live and archived video?
  • Will conference participants use any shared, public wikis, google docs, or other collaborative notetaking tools?
  • Are there any recommendations for remote participants who are keen on improving coverage of climate change?

Recommended Listening
Why is climate change so politicised? – BBC
People on the left are more likely to accept climate change than those on the right in the USA, Australia and much of Western Europe. But it’s a question that starts with little more than a thermometer, a measurement of the temperature at the earth’s surface. Why does a science question divide people along party lines? Was it the oil industry, fuelling doubt about the science? Or something deep in our psychology, that causes us to push the science aside in favour of belonging to a tribe, a feeling that who our friends are and what they believe, matters more?

Presenter: Michael Blastland
Producer: Phoebe Keane
Editor: Richard Vadon

Recommended Viewing: Climate Change: The Facts
After one of the hottest years on record, Sir David Attenborough looks at the science of climate change and potential solutions to this global threat. Interviews with some of the world’s leading climate scientists explore recent extreme weather conditions such as unprecedented storms and catastrophic wildfires. They also reveal what dangerous levels of climate change could mean for both human populations and the natural world in the future.




The 2004 lecture that finally convinced David Attenborough about global warming

Coverage of the March 15, 2019 Global Climate Strike led by students around the world


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