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Climate Justice and Problems of Scale

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This week in Pretoria, South Africa: Global Humanities Institute 2022: Climate Justice and Problems of Scale is being held at the University of Pretoria @UPTuks July 29-August 7. Hashtags: #ClimateJusticeGHI, #ClimateJustice

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Recorded events


  • Is there a directory of allies working on climate issues and in particular climate justice?
  • Who is tweeting from the event and what are the relevant hashtags?
  • For those speaking at the meeting in Pretoria, what are the key links and online resources?
  • How is ‘climate justice’ translated in other languages? Bonus points for Indigenous languages during the International Decade of Indigenous Languages.
  • What would locals like others know about South Africa?
  • Will there be official or participant-created videos from the meetings? (See Recorded events)
  • What are the values on your plate, and what is the future of food? = ¿Cuáles son los valores en su plato y cuál es el futuro de los alimentos?

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Saturday 2pm SAST | 12pm GMT | 5am Pacific Thematic Lecture (Hybrid) Iva Pesa (@ivapesa), “Resource Extraction and Environmental Injustice in Africa: Climate Justice Stories from South Africa, Zambia and Nigeria.” Introduced by James Ogude.

Saturday 7pm SAST | 5pm GMT | 10am Pacific Panel (Hybrid) Leo Bernucci, Marcos Colón, Robert Myers; “Environmental and Artistic Activism.” Moderated by Pauline Strong.

Sunday 2pm SAST | 12pm GMT | 5am Pacific Thematic Lecture (Hybrid) David Shumway, “Scale in Climate Fiction.” Introduced by Pauline Strong.

Monday 2pm SAST | 12pm GMT | 5am Pacific Thematic Lecture (Hybrid) Melanie Murcott, “Theories of Climate Justice.” Introduced by James Ogude.

Tuesday 2:30pm SAST | 12:30pm GMT | 4:30am Pacific Thematic Lecture (Hybrid) Joan McGregor, “Structural Injustices as Causes of Climate and Food Injustices.” Introduced by Joni Adamson.

Tuesday 4pm SAST | 2pm GMT | 7am Pacific Panel (Hybrid) Joan McGregor, Melissa Biggs (@melisu_b), Christy Spackman, Rebecca Tsosie; “Values on Your Plate: The Future of Food.” Moderated by Joan McGregor.

Tuesday 7:30pm SAST | 5:30pm GMT | 10:30am Pacific Thematic Lecture Steven Hartman (@stevenphartman), “The Moral and Practical Necessity of Meaningful Humanities Engagement in the Science-Policy Interface: Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Futures”

Wednesday 2pm SAST | 12pm GMT | 5am Pacific Panel (Hybrid) Melanie Murcott, George Outa, Lawrence Watters; “Climate Justice and Litigation in the Global South.” Moderated by Melanie Murcott.

Wednesday 8pm SAST | 6pm GMT | 11am Pacific Screening and Discussion (Hybrid) Gretchen E. Henderson, “Environmental Writing as Embodied Research: An Ecocinema from Life in the Tar Seeps.” Introduced by Katherine Lieberknecht.

Thursday 2pm SAST | 12pm GMT | 5am Pacific Panel (Hybrid) Steven Hartman, Joni Adamson, James Ogude; “BRIDGES Sustainability Coalition.” Moderated by James Ogude.

Friday 10am SAST | 8am GMT | 1am Pacific Workshop (Hybrid) “Models for Regional and Global Research Collaboration” Joni Adamson, James Ogude (Humanities for the Environment), John Arroyo (Pacific Northwest Just Futures Institute), Adam Rabinowitz, Katherine Lieberknecht (Planet Texas 2050). Moderated by Pauline Strong.


Day 1

Day 2 https://youtu.be/RHKIgVJGh64

Day 3 https://youtu.be/zLkzUmY_1r0 and https://youtu.be/opOXCpoKF2Q

Day 4 https://youtu.be/vsVztaLyjOU

Day 5 https://youtu.be/OCzb2Sjc1qE

Day 6 https://youtu.be/SUrry2IiQts

Day 7 https://youtu.be/snEcAz3df0U

Mellon Global Humanities Institute: Since 2012, the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI), supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, has advanced multiple forms of international, collaborative research designed to foster new knowledge and new networks.
CHCI Annual Meeting – Global Humanities Institutes and International Collaboration

chcinetwork.org: The overarching goal of this Global Humanities Institute is to build on the interdisciplinary scalar turn to generate more nuanced and holistic understandings of the relationship between the effects of climate change and the intensification of injustices in the social, cultural, and political spheres. Our inquiry will be organized according to three strands: Conceptualizing Scale for a Changing Climate, Climate In/Justice on the Ground, and Futures of Climate Justice. Early career scholars whose research fit into one or more of the themes are invited to submit an application.

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Global Humanities Institute on Climate Justice and Problems of Scale To Be Held At The University of Pretoria in Summer 2022

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Call for Early Career Participants for CHCI/Mellon Global Humanities Institute on Climate Justice and Problems of Scale

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