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What would those in the know like others to understand about climate and climate change? Presenting relevant links in a somewhat random fashion:

The beginning of the beginning for Biden’s climate push
Political battle lines emerge over Wall Street’s focus on climate
Was Global Warming Data ‘Faked’ to ‘Fit Climate Change Fictions’? – Snopes
Billionaires back Canadian company to build first ‘negative emissions’ plant – National Post
Climate change in Nevada can be stopped with our help
UN’s flagship green finance fund fights to regain credibility – Financial Times
How to rescue the global climate agenda – Financial Times
Human Behavior Might Be The Hardest Part Of Climate Change To Predict
The Climate Change Paper So Depressing It’s Sending People to Therapy – Vice

Questions = Preguntas

  • What are the changes in the weather you have experienced in your lifetime? = ¿Cuáles son los cambios en el clima que ha experimentado en su vida?
  • What is the impact of tourism on climate change and of climate change on tourism? = ¿Cuál es el impacto del turismo en el cambio climático y del cambio climático en el turismo?
  • What are the ways to promote low carbon economies? = ¿Cuáles son las formas de promover economías bajas en carbono?
  • Carbon dioxide emissions are being absorbed by the oceans, making them more acidic. How long can corals survive? = Las emisiones de dióxido de carbono están siendo absorbidas por los océanos, haciéndolos más ácidos. ¿Cuánto tiempo pueden sobrevivir los corales?
  • What are examples from parks around the world which document the impact of local climate change? = ¿Cuáles son los ejemplos de parques de todo el mundo que documentan el impacto del cambio climático local?

“Communicating climate change findings from IPCC reports: insights from outreach events in India” – Bangabandhu Chair
Communicating climate change findings from IPCC reports: insights from outreach events in India – Springer

Spotlight: The Sun X Program’s_Green_Christmas.pdf

Climate Encyclical/Laudato Si
Catholic Bishops in the US Largely Ignore the Pope’s Concern About Climate Change, a New Study Finds
Papa Francesco, in esclusiva l’enciclica sull’ambiente ‘Laudato si’, mi’ Signore’

I keep hearing climate change referred to as the elephant in the room. Well, it’s not actually the elephant in the room. It is the room. There is no other room.
– Andrew Denton, The Comedy of Climate Change (Minute 20:30)

WTM World Responsible Tourism Day Keynote Speech and Climate Change Debate

Leo Hickman talks to Stephen Sackur at WTM
Leo Hickman on the WTM Hotseat

Recommended Reading
Climate change – what you can do
Climate Change Deniers vs The Consensus – Information Is Beautiful

Recommended Listening
Warm Regards

The inconvenient scientists – A third of the CSIRO’s climate scientists have been sacked. It’s part of a radical change in direction at Australia’s premier science organisation.

Is there still hope on climate change? (RSA)

Tim Flannery: atmosphere of hope – Third way technologies, deliberative democracy, geo engineering, Paris – Tim Flannery explores and evaluates the possibilities for action on climate change.

Global warming: how policy can catch up to the science and solve the problem
After Copenhagen: Looking for real solutions
Climate change as an ethical issue
Lessons from East Anglia
Climate Change and the Psyche – All in the Mind
The challenge of climate change; the challenge for psychology – David Uzzell

The Politics of Climate Change
Anthony Giddens introduces a range of new concepts and proposals designed to address the most formidable challenge humanity faces this century.

Ignoring climate change – What’s the process that people go through in forming their own attitudes to climate change?

Klima Font (for climate change education)

Climate Change Bingo
ActionAgricultureAdaptation – ADP – Ambition – Aviationbiodiversity – Binding – Capacity-Building – Carbon – Carbon Capture – Carbon Dioxide – Carbon Footprint – Carbon Tax – Change – City – Clean Power Plan – Climate – Climate Action – Climate Change – Climate Emergency – Climate Finance – Coal – Coasts – Collaboration – Communication – Compliance – Consent – Consensus – Convention – CopenhagenCOP21 – Decarbonization – Development – Disinformation – Drought – Emissions – Encyclical – EnergyEthics – Extreme Weather – Finance – Flood – Footprint – Foreseeable Future – Forests – Fossil Fuels – Fossil Fuel Subsidy – Framework – Future Fit – Future Generations – Geoengineering – Geothermal – Glacier – Global Warming – Green Economy – Green Growth – Green Goal – Green Jobs – Greenhouse Gases – Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) – Inaction – Innovation – International Framework – KP – Kyoto – LDC – Long Haul – Low Carbon – Methane – Mitigation – Mobilise – Momentum – Monitoring – National Reporting – Ocean – Ocean Acidification – Offsetting – Outcome – PaleoclimatologyParis – Paris Outcome – Parks – Pledge – Power Plants – Protocol – Psychology – Rapidification – REDD – Reefs – Regulations – Renewable – Resilience – Risk – Road Map – Severe Weather – SoilSolar – Smart – Sustainable Practices – Target – Tax – Technology Threat Multiplier – Transfer – TransparencyTrending TopicsVision – Warming – Water

Carbon Footprint – the carbon dioxide emissions for which an individual or organization can be held responsible, as by their travel, fuel consumption, diet, energy requirements (Macquarie Dictionary)

List of climate scientists

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