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Computer = Electronic device that stores and manipulates information

Translating: What is a computer?
Spanish: ¿Qué es una computadora?

Apple is running an ad where a kid asks, ‘What’s a computer?’ — and people find it infuriating … Why? We are abandoning desks and laptops for mobile screens. The commercial is not irritating but prescient in how future kids will refer to technology of today.

Translating: What was the problem that caused my computer to be restarted? (Notification: Your computer was restarted because of a problem. Click report to see more detailed and send a report to Apple)
Spanish: ¿Cuál fue el problema que provocó que mi computadora se reiniciara? (Notificación: su computadora se reinició debido a un problema. Haga clic en informe para ver más detalles y enviar un informe a Apple)

Computers – Hardware – Information – Interface – Internet – Keyboard – Kaypro – Memory – PDF – Peripherals – RAM – Software – Technology – Wireless

The Impractical but Indisputable Rise of Retrocomputing


What is a computer? =¿Qué es una computadora? #roofdog


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