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Advocate Noel Pearson backs Constitutional Recognition – The Minister for Indigenous Affairs Ken Wyatt will have to change many minds in his own party, including a Prime Minister who’s publicly opposed the idea of a Voice to Parliament enshrined in the Constitution.

Where to now for Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians? Early this year an expert panel reported on how Indigenous Australians should be recognised in the nation’s constitution. It was hoped a referendum would be put to the Australian people at, or by, the next federal election. That now seems unlikely. So, where to now for Indigenous recognition? A special Constitution Day panel discussion.

Indigenous constitutional recognition to be put to referendum in next three years, Minister promises
Closing the Gap ‘refresh’: Coalition accused of ignoring Indigenous Australians – Guardian

Indigenous communities in Australia press for a national voice despite setbacks@americamag



IndigenousX article regarding our survey on Constitution Recognition

New website shines spotlight issues surrounding Indigenous constitutional recognition – In an effort to broaden the debate from the political sphere to a community grassroots level, the website has arguments for and against recognition—and the process to achieve it.

‘PM has broken our hearts’: Noel Pearson
Thursday 26 October 2017 The Cape York leader says PM Malcolm Turnbull has broken the “First Nations hearts of this country, by rejecting the Uluru Statement from the Heart.”

Government rejects Constitutional Indigenous voice to Parliament
Thursday 26 October 2017

  • The Prime Minister has rejected the idea of an Indigenous voice to Parliament, as requested in the Uluru ‘statement from the heart’.

Closing the Gap: ‘The priority is structural reform with Constitutional recognition’ – With just weeks to go until the Federal Government releases its 10th report on Closing the Gap, Indigenous Australians are raising concerns about potential changes to the strategy.

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