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Camino de Costa Rica

Photo: Patrick Nouhailler, Visit to Quepos

From ocean to ocean in Central America, the Camino de Costa Rica walking trail – caminodecostarica.org – compises rural roads and challenging forest trails. Coast to coast requires a 15 day, 280 kilometers (170 miles) hike crossing Costa Rica from the Atlantic to the Pacífic. Established in 2018, this trail is still maturing and we wish the proponents the best!

Facebook: “A unique hiking trail, crossing Costa Rica, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, through rainforests, valleys, coffee, banana, coconut and sugar plantations, which would become an important reference in world tourism, further highlighting the country’s biodiversity. Most importantly, by attracting hikers, the trail will encourage eco-friendly economic development to rural communities that have not yet been profiting from international tourism.”

Established: 2018
Length: 280 kilometers (170 miles)
Trailheads: Barra de Parismina and Quepos
High point: El Empalme, Los Santos Zone, 7,154 feet (2,181 meters)
Low point: 3 feet (0.91 meters)

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Questions = Preguntas

How was the trail developed and how is it developing? = ¿Cómo se desarrolló el sendero y cómo se está desarrollando?

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Camino de Costa Rica


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