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Impact of COVID19 on Parks

Photo: Grand Canyon National Park, 2020 Thanksgiving

Spotlight on the impact of COVID19 on parks and protected areas.

Want to go to a US national park? You must bring a face mask – CNN
Spending time in nature has always been important, but now it’s an essential part of coping with the pandemic@envirohistoryNZ
National park visitors surge as Covid-19 pandemic restrictions wane – CNN
The Pandemic Has Undone National Parks in South Africa – The Atlantic@AdamWelz
‘We Had To Get Out’: Despite The Risks, Business Is Booming At National Parks – NPR
Parks and outdoor spaces: How did the number of visitors change since thebeginning of the pandemic?, Jan 26, 2021
Sustainable recovery of tourism in protected areas – UNWTO
Coronavirus crisis a ‘heaven-sent opportunity’ to reset national park tourism, advocates say – ABC
Pressure builds from locals to close Utah’s Zion National Park even as tourists continue to go there
Grand Canyon National Park Closed
Grand Canyon remains open while employees, local officials push for its closure
Iconic national parks close over coronavirus concerns – The Hill
Yellowstone and Grand Teton among the national parks closing immediately

Tourism and visitation to protected areas amid COVID-19 Guidance for protected area authorities and managers

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