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Rethinking tourism hospitality and leisure in a post pandemic world

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May 5, 8-930am Pacific from Swansea University: Rethinking tourism, hospitality and leisure in a post-pandemic world.

The lecture will be presented by Prof. David Fennell, Brock University, Canada. Topic: “The Tourism Knowledge Translation Framework: Bridging the canyon …”

Covid-19 has disrupted tourism, hospitality and leisure worldwide. It has also provided some space for academics, industry and policy makers to think again about what tourism, hospitality and leisure are for, who they are for, and how they might be reconsidered as we transition into a post-pandemic future.The purpose of this lecture series is therefore to ask some big questions about what tourism, hospitality and leisure stand for in the post-pandemic world. Their purpose has long been understood as going far beyond simply offering satisfying experiences for their customers to generate incomes for the organisations involved. The sectors are widely understood to be closely involved in contributing to sustainable development in the long term but what is their role in securing reliance in the short-term? How might all three sectors be involved in attempting to enrich communities and achieve local economic development? What is their role in providing health and well-being benefits, and how can this role be better harnessed? How are the three sectors to work more closely together in a post-pandemic world? These and other major questions for the tourism, hospitality and leisure sectors in the post-pandemic age will be considered.This series of public lectures is sponsored by the Centre for Visitor Economy Research, which is based in the School of Management at Swansea University. It also heralds the establishment of a new MSc in International Tourism Management, which will have its first intake in September 2021.

Misc Notes
Bridge the canyon between theory and practice
We can’t get off the forward moving sidewalk

Kudos to the Centre for Visitor Economy Research for hosting this presentation. Questions: Post pandemic, have our public channels of timely information improved? We have more public dashboards in health but travel and tourism?

There is no hard break between and the old and new normal.

Innovation Journey

Sitting idly by is not an option.

Research takes 10 years to be mobilized.

Facebook event

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Rebuilding tourism for the future: COVID-19 policy responses and recovery – OECD
ht Tourism Research Network post – Brian Garrod
Knowledge transfer planner


  • Will the presentation video be available on-demand after streaming? (Yes!)
  • What would the seminar organizer like others to know about the Centre for Visitor Economy Research?
  • Post pandemic, have our public channels of timely information improved?
  • To what degree is knowledge transfer hindered by paywalls and restrictive copyright?
  • What other scholarly tourism webinars are available on-demand?
  • What is the difference between knowledge transfer and knowledge translation?


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