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I’ve been tweeting about Covid for nearly 2 years. But this week it became personal when my 28-year-old younger son got it. With his permission, I’ll describe his experience & how I approached his situation, given the realities of life and the rapidly changing evidence.(1/25)

The trickiest brain thing about the pandemic is letting go of certainty, even tho we crave & need it. Holiday plans? Work travel? Whether that meeting can happen? Border opening? Lockdown? Don’t know, can’t know, just do what you can with what you know now and what’s ok now.

LIVE NOW: #Omicron is spreading at an alarming rate. What measures are needed to contain it? With @theAliceRoberts, latest data from @chrischirp & a discussion on the relationship between science & policy led by @DrTolullah.

31:00 The need for considered dialogue

We lack the mechanisms to bring these conversations together.

“If in this life we met, I hoped our encounter left you with a lasting snapshot of a determined, sometimes complex, genuine friend. One you could talk to.”

We’re just sayin’. To abolish mask -wearing laws in some States while the rest of the Nation keeps theirs is like designating a peeing section of the swimming pool.

Twitter Moment
⚡️Las Vegas in the time of Coronavirus, COVID-19



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