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Coronavirus, aka COVID19


Coronavirus = any of a group of RNA viruses that cause a variety of diseases in humans and other animals

This page features rolling coverage from Planeta.com of the impacts of the Coronavirus Disease, aka COVID-19, characterized by the World Health Organization as a global pandemic.

As the WHO Director-General has said, the pandemic is a reminder that health and the economy are inseparable.

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cdc.govDisinfectionPreventionSymptomsReopening Guidelines

Interactive Dashboard
John Hopkins

Centre for Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases@cmmid_lshtm
COVID Projections
Outbreak Observatory

RT Live
The Numbers Behind Social Distancing
The Metric We Need to Manage COVID-19
Predicting Coronavirus Cases

Learning the lingo …

Adapt – Antibodies – AppointmentAstroturfing – Asymptomatic – Backlash – BatsBreatheBubble – Bump – Calm – Capacity – Case Study – Centers for Disease Control (CDC) – Clean – Cleaning – Clinical Trials – Closure – Coin Shortage – Community Spread – Compulsory – Contact Tracing – Contagious – Control – Coronavirus – CountdownCOVID19 – Covidiot – CrisisCrowdsCurbsideCurfew – Curve – Death – Death Rate – Data – Death Toll – Deep Cleaning – Disease – DisinfectantDisruption – Distance Learning – Distribution – ElderlyEmergencyEmpathyEpicenter – Epidemiologist – Essential – Evidence – Exit StrategyExpertsExit Strategy – Exposure – Face Mask – Face Shield – False Positive – Fast Track – FatigueFlatten the CurveGray RhinoGuidelinesFood BankForce majeure – Frontline – Front Lines – Furlough – Grab-And-Go Goodie Bags – Guidance – GuidelinesHand SanitizerHandshakeHandwashingHealthHealth Care – Herd – Hoarding – Home – HopeHospitals – Hotspot – Hydroxychloroquine – HygieneInfodemic – Immunity – Immunity Passports – Immunocompromised – Infection – Innovation – Invisible Enemy – Isolation – Liability – Lockdown – Mail-In Voting – Masks – Medicine – Messaging – Milestone – Model – Negative – New NormalNormal – Normalization – Olympics – On the other side – Online Learning – Outbreak – PandemicPangolins – Panic – Panic Buying – Passport – Pathogen – Patience – PatientsPausePersonal Protection Equipment (PPE)Phase OnePhysical DistancingPlateauPlaybookPlexiglassPod – Political Interference – Positive – Precaution – Public – Public Health – QuarantineQuaranstreaming – Quarantini – Radical Localism – Rebound – RecoveryReliefReopenRescueResearch – Response – RestartRestrictionRiskRoad MapSafetySanitize – Second Wave – Self IsolationShelter – Shelter in Place – ShutdownSoapSocial Distancing – Spike – Staycation – Stay at home – Stay homeStay safeStimulus – Stockpile – Statistics – Superspreader – Surge Capacity – SurgingSurveillanceSurvive – Swabs – Symptoms – Task Force – Tele-Education – TelemedicineTelework – Temperature Check – Temporary – Temporarily Closed – Testing – Test Kits – TimelineTouch – Tracking – Travel AdvisoryTravel Ban – Travel Bubble – Treatment – Trials – Trust – Uncertainty – Uncharted Territory – Unpausing – Unsure – UV LightVaccineVentilatorsVirusVirtual TourVulnerable – Wash your hands – Watchdog – WaterWavesWe are all in this togetherWet MarketWildlife – Work from home – World Health Organization (WHO)YeastZoonosis

Trump on 200K COVID-19 deaths: ‘It’s a shame’

Pentagon rewriting pandemic playbook after study faults Covid-19 response
The Most Likely Way You’ll Get Infected With Covid-19
Hawaii tentatively reopening to tourists October 15 – CNN
The Challenges Of Holding An Election During A Pandemic
CDC report: dining out increases risk of contracting coronavirus more than other activities – The Hill
Where Did COVID Come From? – Naked Scientists
A Supercomputer Analyzed Covid-19 — and an Interesting New Theory Has Emerged
Emerging Pandemic Diseases: How We Got to COVID-19 – Cell
‘It’s not the same’: How Trump and Covid devastated an Arizona border town – Guardian
The Latina Progressive Who Faced Down Texas Republicans – Politico
It Doesn’t Matter Who Is Pushing for Masks, This GOP Governor’s Answer Is No
The Unraveling of America – Wade Davis/Rolling Stone (Has COVID-19 signalled the end of the American era?)
NZ contained COVID-19. Direct and kind words on signage helped
What do students need in the age of lockdown learning? Early lessons from New Zealand’s online frontline
The race to collect the pandemic’s history—as it unfolds
A coronavirus vaccine is what our hopes are pinned to, but what’s the plan if we don’t get one?
U.S. hits 5 million confirmed coronavirus cases, Europe is amazed – Denver Post
Arundhati Roy: ‘The pandemic is a portal’
Don’t Miss This Seminal Moment for Racial Justice, Travel Industry
Coronavirus: Trump moves to pull US out of World Health Organization – BBC
US Reels from surge – BBC
People are getting sick from coronavirus spreading through the air – and that’s a big challenge for reopening – Conversation
Quarantine fatigue: Governors reject new lockdowns as virus cases spike
Decoding coronavirus slang – ABC
Fired Florida Data Scientist Launches A Coronavirus Dashboard Of Her Own – NPR
Infectious diseases expert: ‘We’re in an unsure moment’ on impact of protests, reopenings on coronavirus numbers
New Zealand Declares Itself COVID-Free – Outbreak Observatory
Why litter is surging as lockdowns ease – BBC
I’m a Chef in a Seaside Town. I’m Not an Epidemiologist.
US tops 100,000 coronavirus deaths with no end in sight
How to weigh the risk of going out in the coronavirus pandemic, in one chart – Vox
‘Corona town’: Cuban graffiti depicts anguish, urges courage – Reuters
Politics Podcast: One Virus, A World Full Of Responses – 538
Fauci on why a vaccine by end of year is ‘aspirational’ – The Hill
8 ways to go out and stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic – Vox
Two Coasts. One Virus. How New York Suffered Nearly 10 Times the Number of Deaths as CaliforniaCoronavirus: European countries set to further ease lockdowns – BBC
Hoping Llamas Will Become Coronavirus Heroes – NYT
The Indigenous communities that predicted Covid-19 – BBC
Every conversation about reopening should be about testing – Vox
How to run the world remotely – Vox
Experts Knew a Pandemic Was Coming. Here’s What They’re Worried About Next – Politico
Why the coronavirus crisis is a ‘gray rhino’ and not a ‘black swan’ – Past Company
Responses to COVID-19 in South Africa: The centrality of food security – Kurt Ackerman
During coronavirus, we need social sciences and humanities more than ever. This is why – Radio National
How personal contact will change post-Covid-19 – BBC
Why the coronavirus is so confusing – The Atlantic
Two Errors Our Minds Make When Trying to Grasp the Pandemic
Amabie: The Japanese monster going viral – BBC
Trump signs executive order limiting immigration
The Yeast Supply Chain Can’t Just Activate Itself
Coronavirus Kills More Americans in One Month Than the Flu Kills in One Year – National Review
The Liminal Experience of Crisis: Facing Suspended Animation in the Era of COVID-19 – Medium
‘The risk is simply too high’: Germany’s Oktoberfest canceled because of coronavirus pandemic
New Zealand’s Prime Minister May Be the Most Effective Leader on the Planet
Listen up: In these disquieting COVID-19 times, hushed cities are making a loud impression on our ears
Australia is experiencing a home cooking pandemic – Good Food Australia
Carnival Executives Knew They Had a Virus Problem, But Kept the Party Going
Hungry Families Are Pushing America’s Food Banks to the Limit – Vice
The coronavirus likely came from China’s wet markets. They’re reopening anyway. – Vox
The coronavirus has destroyed the job market in every state
The Coronavirus and How the U.S. Ended Up with Nurses Wearing Garbage Bags @NewYorker
Amsterdam to embrace ‘doughnut’ model to mend post-coronavirus economy – Guardian
Coronavirus: Flour mills working ’round the clock’ to meet demand – BBC
How to get groceries without bringing home coronavirus
Coronavirus: WHO chief urges end to ‘politicisation’ of virus – BBC
Fauci: I don’t think we should shake hands ‘ever again’ – The Hill
Trump broke the agencies that were supposed to stop the coronavirus epidemic
New Zealand’s unique ‘elimination’ approach is rapidly flattening the curve – Independent
Hydroxychloroquine: how an unproven drug became Trump’s coronavirus ‘miracle cure’
Restaurant Closures – Slate
Food goes to waste amid coronavirus crisis – Politico
Don’t Panic: The comprehensive Ars Technica guide to the coronavirus
It’s the coronavirus, stupid – Politico
Local news station introduces new ‘What Day Is It?’ segment amid quarantines
Decentralized leadership raises questions about Trump coronavirus response
We aren’t just stopping coronavirus. We’re building a new world – Eric Holthaus
El Paso cracks down; Juarez and AMLO worry many about attitude toward coronavirus
Our environmental practices make pandemics like the coronavirus more likely
Pathogen Resistance – XKCD
Why Germany’s Coronavirus Death Rate Is Far Lower Than In Other Countries
Stop watching Netflix and tackle these 8 tech projects instead
Coronavirus should be a wake-up call to our treatment of the animal world
Mystery deepens over animal source of coronavirus
Is ‘epicenter’ the wrong word for New York?
Coronavirus Will Change the World Permanently. Here’s How. – Politico
European Commission to develop coordinated ‘exit strategy’ from lockdowns
Trump team failed to follow NSC’s pandemic playbook
Will warm weather really kill off Covid-19? – BBC
From Netflix Party to Zoom: The internet apps getting us through quarantine – Vox
What does the coronavirus do to your body? Everything to know about the infection process – USA Today
We’re not going back to normal – Technology Review
‘Gross misjudgment’: Experts say Trump’s decision to disband pandemic team hindered coronavirus response
Can hot weather, like in Malaysia, stop coronavirus? – The Star
Coronavirus: Kind Canadians start ‘caremongering’ trend – BBC
America begins drinking at home – Politico
America closes up shop – Axios
America shuts down – Politico
Coronavirus: Trump suspends travel from Europe to US – BBC
How soap absolutely annihilates the coronavirus – Vox
Online classes, video meetings: Can coronavirus spur low-carbon habits? – Reuters@lauriegoering
Coronavirus, synchronous failure and the global phase-shift
The novel coronavirus can likely live up to 96 hours on phone screens – Quartz
Trump Has Sabotaged America’s Coronavirus Response – Foreign Policy
To fight the coronavirus, labs are printing its genome
China coronavirus: Death toll rises to 41; more than 1,000 cases of infection confirmed in mainland – Politico
China’s Omnivorous Markets Are in the Eye of a Lethal Outbreak Once Again – NYT

Recommended Listening
Listening Project – BBC

Travel Advisories

Impact on Tourism
The tourists are leaving Italy. Now catastrophe looms
State Department lifts global advisory on avoiding international travel amid COVID-19 pandemic
WA Aboriginal communities reopen, with travellers warned to be aware of rules
Queenstown: a tourist town with no tourists fights despair among stranded workers
What happened on Santorini when the tourism ‘machine’ stopped – CNN
How Covid-19 could change plane boarding – BBC
Yes, Wisconsin has seen a drop of more than a billion in tourism dollars – Polifact @Politifact
Mexico travel and coronavirus: Everything you need to know – CNN
How the coronavirus is changing Las Vegas – NBCDeserted Venice contemplates a future without tourist hordes after Covid-19 – CNN
The future of tourism in the coronavirus era: Asia may hold answers to what’s ahead – CNN
World tourism faces worst crisis since records began, says UNWTO – Guardian
The coronavirus survival challenge for NZ tourism: affordability and sustainability – The Conversation
Inside the Nightmare Voyage of the Diamond Princess
“Travel bubbles” are how the world will get moving again
Socialising tourism for social and ecological justice after COVID-19
Unpausing Las Vegas: What might our valley look like after the shutdown lifts? – Las Vegas Sun@bryanhorwath @LasVegasSun
Goodman says she offered using Las Vegas as ‘control group’ for coronavirus – Nevada Independent
The coronavirus will change how we travel. That will probably be good for us.@wheresandrew
Here’s What You Do With Two-Thirds of the World’s Jets When They Can’t Fly
2020, año cero del turismo – Expansión@Responda
COVID 19 and sustainable tourism – Anna Spenceley
The Coronavirus Is Hurting Travel, So Greece Has Begun Offering Virtual Tourism
Coronavirus Is Spreading and Cruise Ships Are Still Sailing – Bloomberg
Planning for life after coronavirus: When will we know it’s safe to travel again?
A US tourist town telling visitors to stay away
Keeping Up with the Coronavirus: Can Influencers Fix What They Ruined?
What will travel look like after coronavirus?
Aleja coronavirus al turismo y a las ventas
Coronavirus is closing national parks —but you can still visit them on a virtual tour – CBS
Tourism industry calls for $300B in relief in coronavirus stimulus package
The end of global travel as we know it: an opportunity for sustainable tourism – The Conversation@freyahd
Virus ‘could cost millions of tourism jobs’ – BBC
Travel industry could lose $24 billion as coronavirus cripples tourism from outside US – CNBC
Hawaii travel industry offers deals to offset impact of coronavirus anxiety
Austin Restaurants Offering Specials on Food and Drink Intended for SXSW
Busy tourist attractions, airports empty amid coronavirus outbreak – CNN
What happens in Vegas – NYT
The Strange Terror of Watching the Coronavirus Take Rome – New Yorker
State Department elevates China travel advisory to ‘Do Not Travel’ due to coronavirus
What the Coronavirus Means So Far for the Travel Industry – Skift

Resilient Destinations
Resilient Destinations – resilientdestinations.com – is a crowdsourced website to bring together all innovative ideas in tourism industry to help over the crisis of #COVID19 and be resilient. Check out the google doc –
docs.google.com/forms/d/1XFOaaWd25PSDZdZ5SfejSMgkmEE9j_BeWACk3OeoF0A/edit?ts=5e732d17 – to add your input.


Tourism Tweets

African Bush Camps
In uncertain times, tourism has definitely taken a hard knock. But it’s not the only industry that is seeing a decline in support. Covid-19’s impact goes much broader than tourism, and has spilled over to wildlife conservation. How do we start to understand the way forward?

Coronavirus crisis a ‘heaven-sent opportunity’ to reset national park tourism, advocates say – ABC
Pressure builds from locals to close Utah’s Zion National Park even as tourists continue to go there
Grand Canyon National Park Closed
Grand Canyon remains open while employees, local officials push for its closure
Iconic national parks close over coronavirus concerns – The Hill
Yellowstone and Grand Teton among the national parks closing immediately

Education in Times of Crisis and Beyond: Maximizing Copyright Flexibilities – Creative Commons

Study Abroad Programs
IIE Releases Survey on Effects of COVID-19 on International Students and Study Abroad – IIE

Insider Trading
Loeffler reports more stock sales amid insider trading allegations

Here are the newsroom layoffs, furloughs and closures caused by the coronavirus

North House Folk HouseArchive
Lonely Planet Thorn Tree

cidrap.umn.edu (PDF)

White House (USA)
Opening Up America Again

CDC: The virus has been named “SARS-CoV-2” and the disease it causes has been named “coronavirus disease 2019” (abbreviated “COVID-19”). On January 30, 2020, the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a “public health emergency of international concernexternal icon” (PHEIC). On January 31, 2020, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex M. Azar II declared a public health emergency (PHE) for the United States to aid the nation’s healthcare community in responding to COVID-19.


China: Millions in lockdown

John Oliver

Wildlife Trade

Tourism Quarantine

Australia tourism

Rethinking tourism: How Coronavirus Will Force Destinations to Stop Overtourism

Great Realisation

Impact on Adventure Travel in Mexico

Supermarket Etiquette

Embedded Tweets

Twitter Moment
⚡️Las Vegas in the time of Coronavirus, COVID-19

Shelter in Place


Aerosol and Surface Distribution of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 in Hospital Wards, Wuhan, China, 2020

2019–20 Wuhan coronavirus outbreak





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