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Ron Mader: I honestly don’t think there are many thing nerdier than explaining ‘curation’ and why it might be useful. Your suggestions are welcome as we improve this presentation of content curation creation.

Curating has been around for a long time as people have crafted scrapbooks, mix tapes and playlists. Librarians curate collections and educational displays. Museums curate artifacts. Professionals still curate but the notion has been widened to the general public and thanks to the social web, we are asked to compile and share information in new ways.

A caveat for newbies. Curating on one social web channel is similar but never the same as on another channel. On YouTube for example, one can create a playlist including one’s own and other videos. On Flickr, a gallery is be default images one creates from other accounts. You cannot slip in your own photo in your gallery.

Curating content is a good way to collect info for later reading/viewing. That it appeals to others as well is icing on the cake!

With Flickr it’s easy to create galleries that show off other people’s work. With YouTube, it’s easy to make playlists of selected videos from one’s own and other YouTube accounts.

Ron Mader: “To colleagues who are artisans, chefs and other physical creative types, I recommend making it easy for me and others to curate visual imagery about your work. If there are ways to access details, it’s good marketing.”

When we had trusted curators it was easy. We read what we were supposed to read, we read what we trusted, regardless of how long it was, because the curator was taking a risk and promising us it was worth it. No longer. Now, it’s up to us. One option is to read incisively, curate, edit, choose your sources carefully. Limit the inbound to what’s important, not what’s shiny or urgent or silly.
– Seth Godin, Trapped by tl;dr

Curation is the act of individuals with a passion for a content area to find, contextualize, and organize information. Curators provide a consistent update regarding what’s interesting, happening, and cool in their focus.
– Steven RosenbaumContent Curators Are The New Superheros

Those who can, curate. Those who can’t, review. Those who can’t review, tweet. Those who can’t tweet retweet.
– Beth Kanter (poster)

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