Democracy sausage = colloquial name given to the sausages cooked and sold as part of fundraising efforts at polling places on election day in Australia.

2019 elections took place May 18.

New Book: From Secret Ballot to Democracy Sausage

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Australia votes: Scott Morrison announces Federal Election will be held on 18 May

Mapping the sausages and cakes
Democracy Sausage – – is 100% non-partisan, organic, hormone free, and grass fed. “Australia is heading to the polls on Saturday 18th May triggering National Democracy Sausage Day 2019! Community groups across country will be firing up their BBQs and icing their best cookies to deliver #democracysausage and #democracycake to the people, raising money for some amazing causes along the way. “

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Australians ‘didn’t trust’ the sausage. It came to symbolise our democracy
Election Day, and That Means It’s Democracy Sausage Time

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Democracy sausage
2019 Australian federal election

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