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Digitize = convert images, text or sound into a digital form that can be processed by a computer

Also spelled: digitise

What records, videos, audio tapes, photos would you like to digitize?

What are our options? This page explores the practical ins and outs and it will highlight inspired examples around the world. Suggestions are welcome.

Planeta Examples
Videos – We have several dozen videos in 8mm with trips and presentations from 1998-2004

Yahoo Groups – Groups from early 2000. Is there an easy way of bringing the archives to a new platform?

Planeta.com Articles – Articles from 1994. Slowly bringing them on board the new platform. Not so much digitizing as it is transferring to a new format and platform.

What do you want to digitize? = ¿Qué deseas digitalizar? #roofdog

Recommended Listening

2025: The end of tape – There’s a number going around audio-visual archivist circles, that has many of them worried – 2025.Magnetic tape that is not digitised by 2025, might be lost forever. Much of our national media history is stored on magnetic tape – including 1/4″ reel to reel, Betamax, VHS, cassettes, DVs, mini-DVs – as well as our favourite mix tapes and old home movies.

Archiving in the digital age – How can we archive sensitive audio material in the digital age?

Embedded Tweets

This is how we digitze a book

Who wants to watch old videos?

150 ancient maps

Who digitizes, tells your story

How to digitize all your VHS and cassette tapes
In 100 years, will today’s digital files be accessible? Planning for ‘digital obsolescence’


Mark Holtze
How to transfer your VHS/HI8 tapes to your PC. An in depth look at setting up your video/record settings for capture to your computer.

Elsewhere on the Web
Digital Museum – NHM@NHM_Digitise
Nefertiti hack

How I Converted My Old Super 8 Film to Digital


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