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How to save tourism from itself


New video from Doug Lansky about the pitfalls of unbalanced tourism: How to save tourism from itself. The talk was recorded at a TEDx event in Stockholm, Sweden.

“Tourism is travel without a purpose.”

Time stamps
05:24 Unbalanced tourism
11:00 Hunting and gathering has evolved to dining and shopping
14:00 Flygskam
17:30 Why not be part of the solution that brings us to a better future?


  • When was this recorded?
  • Are there links to examples/studies cited?

Doug Lansky

Doug Lansky works with destinations around the world. He speaks regularly at travel, hotel, airport, and tech conferences. Doug has a background as a travel journalist, author and editor with 20 years of experience writing for publications that range from National Geographic Traveler to The Guardian to Lonely Planet to Skift.

For this TEDx talk, Doug wanted to look at a new model for success in tourism that emphasizes sustainable growth, protecting local assets, and enhancing life for the locals while maximizing the local economic impact.



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