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We love Dublin and coverage from Lovin Dublin about the ongoing story about flower sellers in … Dublin, Ireland.

Tip from Catherine Mack
If you’re going to Dublin on your travels, please visit the flower sellers, buy some flowers and share your pics on social media. Tell the govt @Failte_Ireland how much you love the flower sellers and want to protect their heritage.

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Firm apologises to Grafton Street flower sellers over ‘clutter’ complaint
Real estate group apologises to Grafton Street flower sellers for ‘clutter’ remarks
Firm withdraws complaint about Grafton Street traders and apologises to flower sellers
Flower ladies of Grafton Street



  • How are market traders treated in Ireland?
  • What are the efforts to value markets and street vendors?
  • Are there ways for visitors to support local markets?

Grafton Street flower stall


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Grafton Street

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