Bonn, Germany – The digital future of journalism, freedom of expression and the crucial role of media in a world of rising nationalism, populism and post-truth based politics were the main topics of the 10th edition of the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum which took place June 19-21, 2017 under the theme Identity and Diversity.

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Polarization has evolved to a dominant feature in many societies such as Poland, Turkey, South Africa or Malaysia. The consequences are often detrimental for political and social cohesion. There’s a general view that the proliferation of digital media has enhanced this process, creating or widening social cleavages. The panel took stock of the situation in the aforementioned countries and discuss strategies for overcoming this potentially dangerous phenomenon. The aim was to arrive at a joint understanding of the linkages between media, technology and polarization.

Panellists were: • Murat Şevki Çoban – Journalist, Platform.24, Turkey • Premesh Chandran – CEO and Co-Founder, Malaysiakini, Malaysia • Gareth Cliff- Broadcaster and Co-founder, Online-Radio Cliffcentral , South Africa • Anna Dudek – Editor,, Poland

Looking Ahead

Dates for the 2018 Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum are June 11-13.

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