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E-waste = Electronic waste, aka discarded electrical or electronic devices

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Recycling – Australia Talks (ABC Radio National) – What’s emerging as an increasing problem is e-waste. Each year, Australians buy more than 2.4 million personal computers and more than a million televisions. Add to that the fact that there are more mobile phones in this country than there are people and you get an idea of the size of the problem. So how do we deal with our increasing waste stream and whatever happened to the first two Rs in the three step campaign: reduce, reuse and recycle?

Digital Eskimo announces that a decision on a desperately needed national e-waste disposal scheme is going to be announced in November by the Environment Protection and Heritage Council. Peter Garrett and the six state environment ministers agreed earlier in the year to establish a Federal e-waste collection scheme which will make it simple and cheap to dispose of electronic waste (the press release from Garrett’s site).

E-waste in Africa
Canberra, Australia
Free e-waste recycling for ACT
Burkina Faso

Cape Town, South Africa
Mexico: Televisions
Clic en http://www.gob.mx/depositatutele y ubica tu centro de acopio.


Las Vegas, USA

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