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Spotlight on Early humans

Portrait of the Human as a Young Hominin
A fossil tooth places enigmatic ancient humans in Southeast Asia – The Conversation
To Adapt to a Changing Environment 400,000 Years Ago, Early Humans Developed New Tools and Behaviors
Origin of modern humans ‘traced to Botswana’
Indonesian shell has ‘earliest human engraving’
Oldest Art in the World
Human history rewritten by ancient engravings
Americas’ Natives Have European Roots – Scientific American
Facial Morphogenesis of the Earliest Europeans
How Hurling Spears 2 Million Years Ago May Have Given Us a 96-mph Fastball – PBS

News from Australia (2017)
Human occupation of northern Australia by 65,000 years ago – Nature
How do we know how old the Indigenous Madjedbebe rock shelter is?

65,000 year date for earliest human occupation of Australia – Researchers describe the Madjedbebe rock shelter in Arnhem Land as one of the most significant cultural and archaeological sites in the world — but it’s unprotected in a mining lease.

The Neanderthal Meal: A New Perspective Using Faecal Biomarkers

Recommended Listening
The caving time lord – Dr Kira Westaway is a geochronologist, which means she dates what she finds at archaeological sites, mostly in caves, to put a timeline on human migration. She’s been a part of the teams that found the remains of significant ancient humans, including the Hobbit and more recently, a young Denisovan girl.

Ocean of Life: How our Seas are Changing – In the David Thomas Conservation Oration, marine conservationist Callum Roberts covers noise pollution, global warming, coral reefs, predatory crabs moving into the Antarctic, dead zones and vampire squids from hell! “Our predilection for sea food began in South Africa.”

Coming to Australia: The first migration – How and when did people first arrive in Australia? Peter Hiscock assesses the current thinking and the archaeological evidence.

New study says evolution of human was “multi-ethnic and multicultural” -It’s often claimed humans stem from a single ancestral population in a region of Africa, but is correct?



Tour Mossel Bay’s Pinnacle Point Caves
The Pinnacle Point Caves have revealed the earliest evidence for modern human behaviour (beginning about 164,000 years ago). They also contain valuable records of climate change over 400,000 years.
Point of Human Origins Tours

Cradle of Humankind - Dawn


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