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Earth Day (April 22) has proved extremely popular in the United States and around the world. Let us know your plans.

Some history: Back in the early 1960s Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson introduced the idea of ‘Earth Day’ to then President John F Kennedy and the event has been celebrated since 1972. has been celebrating Earth Day since our start in 1994. Earth Day is every day, at least on this on this planet. Presenting some of our favorite interactive challenges and games:

Earth Day Challenges
Learn how to say ‘Earth Day’ in another language.
Attend a local event.
Visit a local park.
Ride a bicycle.
Take and share pictures of eco-friendly actions.
Minimize your use of plastic.

Translating Earth Day
Afrikaans: Aard Dag
Estonian: Head Maa Päeva!
German: Der Tag der Erde
Irish: Lá an Domhain
Spanish El Día de la Tierra
Swedish: Jord Dag
Welsh: ‘N Ddedwydd Briddo Ddiwrnod

Oaxaca, Mexico
Ayöök: It naxwiij xyëë (Santa María Ocotepec)
Chinanteco: Júm kie huo (San Felipe Usila)
Mixteco: Diuú nuú
Zapoteco: Dxi xten guedxliu (Teotitlán del Valle), Zaa guie yu (Sierra Juárez)

Translating Every day is Earth Day
German: Jeder Tag ist Tag der Erde
Spanish: Cada día es Día de la Tierra

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