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Echo Chamber = Going online to hear others repeating your thoughts – RN Future Tense

How to Break Out of Your Social Media Echo Chamber
Is local interaction essential for Local Travel?
How Twitter makes the political echo chamber worse – Washington Post

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Would you know if you were in an echo chamber? – The social media bubble, where we aren’t exposed to a different worldview, is often blamed for giving us a skewed perception of the world. But when it’s not easy to burst, are we really in a bubble, or are we in an echo chamber? One philosopher argues that echo chambers are a lot like cults, in that they create a trust disparity — and they are far more resistant to outside voices than bubbles.

Generating innovation through the ideal of the idea – The idea of having an ideas festival is a popular idea indeed. But the idea that they’re universally ideal as a way of fostering creative new ideas is an idea that’s hotly contested.

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Echo chamber


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