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Indigenous cultures, languages, and peoples in Ecuador

Photo: Ron Mader, Guayasamín (some rights reserved)

Spotlight on Indigenous cultures of Ecuador

Talks in Ecuador to end Indigenous protests – France 24

Wikipedia: Approximately 96.4% of Ecuador’s Indigenous peoples are Highland Quechuas living in the valleys of the Sierra region. Primarily consisting of the descendents of Incans, they are Kichwa speakers and include the Caranqui, the Otavaleños, the Cayambi, the Quitu-Caras, the Panzaleo, the Chimbuelo, the Salasacan, the Tugua, the Puruhá, the Cañari, and the Saraguro.

Coastal groups, including the Awá, Chachi, and the Tsáchila, make up .24% percent of the Indigenous population.

The remaining 3.35 percent live in the Oriente and consist of the Oriente Kichwa (the Canelo and the Quijos), the Shuar, the Huaorani, the Siona-Secoya, the Cofán, and the Achuar.



Trinkets and Beads – Filmed over two years, Trinkets and Beads tells the story of how the Huaorani tribe of the Ecuadorian rainforest, are attempting to survive on their own terms in the petroleum age. The film tells how the evangelical oil company MAXUS set out to convince the Huaorani known as the fiercest tribe in the Amazon – to part with their oil and their land. “Its not just about exploiting oil, its about who controls the rainforest, it’s everyone’s concern because this is the heart of the world” Moi – Huaorani Leader

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