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Photo: Ron Mader, Desert Wildlife (Some rights reserved)

Environmental Journalism = Investigation and publication of news focusing on the fabric of life on our living planet

We have some ideas on improving environmental journalism. Planeta.com curates dozens of resource pages about green – biodiversity, climate, parks, wildlife – and grey – energy, recycling – environmental issues. We also highlight the connections among our natural and cultural worlds. What we would like to know is what the future holds for being informed about local, regional, and global news. We thank past, present, and future journalists for your investigations.


  • What are examples of quality environmental journalism? = ¿Cuáles son ejemplos de periodismo ambiental de calidad?
  • How has environmental journalism changed in the past 20 years? = ¿Cómo ha cambiado el periodismo ambiental en los últimos 20 años?
  • What is the future of environmental journalism? = ¿Cuál es el futuro del periodismo ambiental?

Finding Native People at Heart of Environment Beat – SEJ
I work in the environmental movement. I don’t care if you recycle. – Vox


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