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Email = Electronic mail

A humble suggestion. Let’s use email more wisely.

Personally, I check it weekly (Thursdays-Fridays), finding the endless announcements and mailing lists from friends and complete strangers tiresome, the spam and junk mail irritating (even if goes to a junk mail folder, why am I receiving this crap?), and the whole notion missing the point of communication.

When it comes to email, we need to acknowledge its usefulness as a tool for communication. Email is a useful information delivery system, the tube in which to wrap our thoughts.

I appreciate personal messages, those without attachments.

The question for email senders is ‘are you using email because it is the most effective for you or the receiver of your message?’ Recipients are prone to email fatigue from too many ‘blasts.’

Preference goes to communication via phone/video call and direct messages (dms) on Twitter and Facebook.

Digital Literacy Quiz Questions

  • Have you created an email address?
  • Have you created more than one email address?
  • Have you deleted an email?
  • Do you know the passwords to access your emails?
  • Have you changed the subject line in the reply to an email?
  • Have you forwarded an email?
  • Have you learned the difference between CC (Carbon Copy) and BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)
  • Instead of sending attachments, do you know how to share a link where the information can be downloaded?

Stray Observations

  • Get all new mail

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