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#EuroEco17 European Ecotourism Roadmap


The 4th European Ecotourism Conference took place in Safranbolu, Turkey. Hashtag: #EuroEco17

The conference will bring together a mix of 70 academic and businesses professionals. Karabük University Safranbolu Tourism Faculty (@krbkuni) hosts the conference with the partnership of Ministry of Forestry General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks and the Municipality of Safranbolu. With a focus on promoting the role of ecotourism in sustainable development, the three-day conference aims to contribute the UNWTO’s 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

The main objective of this conference is to provide a platform for industry stakeholders; researchers, academicians, practitioners, as well as industrial professionals throughout the continent and beyond to present their research results and development activities on ecotourism.

Key Links:

Hashtag: #EuroEco17

Facebook: European Ecotourism Conference – Event Page

Planeta.com Participation

I will not be there in person, but Planeta.com is a media partner and we are paying attention. We are keen on learning and sharing what’s on the European Ecotourism roadmap.

We will be updating the Upgrade Your World presentation made at the first European Ecotourism Conference as a series of live video workshops before, during and after the conference.

My talk and Q&A will be made via long distance video on Monday, around 4pm (6am local in Las Vegas). The talk – Upgrade Your World during the International year of Sustainable Tourism – asks where we stand in 2017 and what we have learned since the first European Ecotourism Conference in 2010.

Where is the conversation? It’s on the social web and it’s face-to-face. Turn on your smartphone and join a global conversation. Seriously, you can tweet me! @ronmader

Also to be revealed will be a preview of Planeta.com’s new country spotlight award. Details will be made public on Earth Day with nominations requested by World Environment Day and voting before World Tourism Day.

Planeta.com host Ron Mader will offer free online video workshops via Periscope and FacebookLive.


  • To the organizers and participants – Will the conference have live and recorded video?
  • Is there a directory of participants? Bonus points for a directory with bios and social web links
  • (For Locals)  – What would locals like visitors to know about their corner of Europe? Paint a picture of the kind of tourism you’d like to see.
  • In this #YearOfOpen, are any of the related publications and online resources focusing on European Ecotourism open access? Bonus points for OER.
  • What is the difference between ecotourism and sustainable tourism?
  • What should we learn about Turkey?


#EuroEco17 Calendar


4th EUROPEAN ECOTOURISM CONFERENCE (2017-04-09 15-38-35)

4th EUROPEAN ECOTOURISM CONFERENCE (2017-04-09 15-39-02)



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