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European Ecotourism

Poster: 2018 Conference

During the 2002 Ecotourism Summit several European leaders were hopeful that ecotourism could be protective of rural wilderness and respect urban nature.

European Ecotourism Conference
European Ecotourism Network


  • To the organizers and participants – Will the conference have live and recorded video?
  • Is there a directory of participants? Bonus points for a directory with bios and social web links
  • How can remote participants and superfans of European Ecotourism amplify and interact with local advocates?
  • Can Planeta.com assist as a media-partner of your events?
  • To the public – What would locals like others know about their corner of Europe? Paint a picture of the kind of tourism you’d like to see.
  • Are any of the related publications and online resources focusing on European Ecotourism open access? Bonus points for OER.

European Ecotourism Network

Planeta.com’s Ron Mader has hosted online video workshops via Periscope and FacebookLive.

Ron Mader: I think from the Western hemisphere we tend to focus on the cities and built environments in Europe. The natural worlds – from city parks and botanical gardens to national parks and protected areas – are rarely part of the travelogues. That said, it’s important to stress to European advocates of conscious, responsible, nature-based travel that it is critical that you explain the basics.


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