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The European Green Capital Award is an award for a European city based on its environmental record. 2019 capital: Oslo, Norway.

The award was launched in May 2008 and the first award was given to Stockholm for the year 2010.

The European Commission has long recognized the important role that local authorities play in improving the environment, and their high level of commitment to genuine progress. The European Green Capital Award was conceived as an initiative to promote and reward these efforts, to spur cities to commit to further action, and to showcase and encourage exchange of best practice among European cities.

Key Links

2010: Sweden Stockholm
2011: Germany Hamburg
2012: Spain Vitoria-Gasteiz
2013: France Nantes
2014: Denmark Copenhagen
2015: United Kingdom Bristol
2016: Slovenia Ljubljana
2017: Germany Essen
2018: Netherlands Nijmegen
2019: Norway Oslo
2020: Portugal Lisbon


European Green Capital Award


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