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You can’t just throw people who come from different perspectives in a room, lock the door and come back in an hour and expect them to have solved these problems, it takes time for people to develop a shared vernacular, it takes engineered serendipity, that is the creation of serendipitous moments in which people can begin to decode each other’s professional vernacular and build their own shared vocabulary. And it’s from there that we see an emergent soup of nascent collaborations emerge. – Andrew Zolli, Generating innovation through the ideal of the idea

One of the first and most important insights in all of this is that the digital makes the analogue more important, not less important. In the early days of the rise of digital media, in our euphoria collectively I think there was a belief that somehow digital convenings and digital content were going to eliminate the need for people to get together. In fact actually what’s happened is that face-to-face convenings, face-to-face connections matter much more because they provide the trust, the relationships, the sense of deep connection and shared identity that can then be used online when people are not together to work more effectively.
– Andrew Zolli, Generating innovation through the ideal of the idea

It’s time to empower the audience, not the speaker. Audiences need the power they deserve—or, more accurately, speakers need to acknowledge and accept the power audiences already have: the power to let their minds fully explore the ideas presenters are sharing with them. Audiences are already reaching out. That’s why the backchannel sprung up in the first place. That’s how “live tweeting” came into existence. Because people want to talk, and are accustomed to talking every time they get a great idea, or every time they hear a great idea.
Conversation is the New Attention

Your event can be as big or as small as you like.
Big Aussie Swap

The idea of charging a fee for video and audio from conferences and events is old, and comes from the days of charging for tapes of presentations as a way of boosting revenue from live events. Those days are over.
– Todd Lucier, Why Live Streaming your Event is a No Brainer

We also benefit from walking into a conference (physically or virtually) already knowing something about who is in the room – not just who is on stage. And those on stage should know who their audience will be — and what their interests/concerns are. How do we put delegates in touch before the conference begins (with one another, with the speakers)? And help them sustain those connections after the conference ends? The backchannel should have the potential to come to life as a full-blown conversation, only receding to the “back” for the concentrated period of the formal conference, no?
– Kurt Ackermann

Gastamos más tiempo en el transito que en el destino
– Conversation

We need more speakers who are like DJs [rather than rock stars] The DJ creates an environment in which people have fun, in which people are engaged, and I think we need more superstar DJs on the conference scene than rock stars.
– Matt Moore, The Future of Conferences @RNFutureTense @engin_eer

recommended listening: The future of conferences

The word ‘conference’ is synonymous with bad food, hard chairs and boring speakers. At least it is for many of us. But it doesn’t have to be that way and, in fact, it’s already changing. The industry is adapting to meet changing consumer expectations. Reasons why, according to Matt Moore, Director of Innotecture and chair of the Knowledge Management Forum, are the following trends
1) Participants have less time and money for events
2) The technology has become easier to use
3) People are getting bored with the traditional conference format. “You’re starting to see things like barcamps erupt all over the place … Open Space … Stand in contrast of the 19th century model of ‘I’m going to stand in front of the class and you’re going to listen’ model.”

Previous ways of doing things are no longer tenable.

All of the wonderful web technologies are now starting to work – web conferencing, streaming video

You can build on the foundations that are already there.

We need more speakers who are like DJs who create an environment in which people are fun, in which people are engaged.

They forgot they were in the business of making music, not plastic things.


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