Photo: Everglades National Park, Long Pine Key Nature Trail (Some rights reserved)

Spotlight on the Everglades National Park. Restoration in progress.

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Major Everglades restoration project to break ground this year – Sun Sentinel
Top lawmaker calls for buying up sugar land to clean Everglades (2016)
Protecting Everglades National Park ends way of life for Gladesmen
Homestead Launches Free National Parks Trolley
Dawn Shirreffs: Everglades restoration cannot wait

Wilderness Survey
Request for volunteers – From January 9th-April 1st, Everglades National Park will be conducting surveys to see how people use the Wilderness area. This survey will function in part as a pilot Wilderness visitor experience survey instrument that will inform system wide NPS Wilderness research, planning, and management. Results will reveal current Wilderness visitor trends and serve as a reference point to evaluate any long-term trends in visitor experiences, values, motivations, as well as opinions about management and information sources in Everglades National Park Wilderness areas. These results will then help to inform Everglades National Park planners and Wilderness managers in updating the park’s Wilderness Management plan.  Surveys will be conducted in four locations: near the Flamingo area, the Homestead area, in Gulf Coast and in Key Largo.  Training on how to conduct the survey will be provided. 



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Indigenous Culture



Everglades National Park – The first time a park has been created solely to preserve an ecosystem, as opposed to scenic beauty.


World Heritage
The property was re-inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger, on the request of the State Party, due to concerns that the property’s aquatic ecosystem continues to deteriorate, in particular as a result of:

Alterations of the hydrological regime (quantity, timing, and distribution of Shark Slough inflows)
Adjacent urban and agricultural growth (flood protection and water supply requirements that affect the property’s resources by lowering water levels)
Increased nutrient pollution from upstream agricultural activities;
Protection and management of Florida Bay resulting in significant reduction of both marine and estuarine biodiversity

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