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Image: Pictograms provided by courtesy of Nippon Design Center / Experience Japan Pictograms

Elsewhere on the Web and supporting tourism in Japan from a visual design perspective, introducing Experience Japan Pictogramsexperience-japan.info

More about the project: EXPERIENCE JAPAN PICTOGRAMS are a novel set of visual symbols developed for people of all cultures and ages to enhance their tourism experience in Japan. These uniquely simple and easy-to-understand pictograms are designed under the key concept of “second encounter with Japan” to invite visitors to explore and enjoy Japan a little deeper than before.

The project was conceived and produced by Nippon Design Center with the mission to help as many tourists as possible by providing functionally and aesthetically well-designed pictograms as part of the basic infrastructure for tourism in Japan. For this reason, all the materials are made available for free use, including commercial uses. It is our heartfelt wish that the EXPERIENCE JAPAN PICTOGRAMS will evoke the interest of present and future visitors and enrich their tourism experience in Japan.

Key Links
Planning & Production: Nippon Design Center
Art Direction: Daikoku Daigo

Permission FAQ

Do I need to provide a link or give credit when I use PICTOGRAMS? No, you are not required to do so. But if you do, please use the following descriptions: Materials provided by courtesy of Nippon Design Center / Experience Japan Pictograms https://experience-japan.info


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