Screenshot – is an oft controversial social web network in which there is no single ‘home’ page but members / users / viewers / friends see different configurations of posts displayed via algorithms calculated to monetize attention for the company and its advertisers. On the positive side, Facebook shares prompts for the birthdays of your friends and family.

Key Links
Events near me
Page Invites
Privacy Policy
Security settings

Which banned apps may have had access to my info?

Questions = Preguntas

  • How can we make groups and pages more useful? = ¿Cómo podemos hacer que los grupos y páginas sean más útiles?
  • Without buying ads or bots, how do we increase the number of members and followers? = Sin comprar anuncios o bots, ¿cómo aumentamos el número de miembros y seguidores?
  • For those hosting a group or page online, what are your lessons learned? = Para aquellos que hospedan un grupo o una página en línea, ¿cuáles son sus lecciones aprendidas?
  • What are your favorite Facebook pages or groups? = ¿Cuáles son tus páginas o grupos de Facebook favoritos?
  • Can you login on more than one device? = ¿Puedes iniciar sesión en más de un dispositivo (aparato)?

Digital Literacy Quiz Questions

  • Have you created an account on Facebook?
  • Have you created a public photo album?
  • Have you commented on a friend’s post?
  • Have you liked a friend’s post?
  • Have you adjusted notifications on or off for your friends?
  • Have you updated your cover photo, aka avatar?
  • Have you downloaded an image from Facebook?
  • Mobile users:
  • Do you have the Facebook app on your smartphone?
  • Have you checked in to a particular place?

What We Like
Live Video

Pet Peeves
Questionable tactics / ethics / tracking / privacy
Scandal regarding Cambridge Analytica

Consider this a revival of the telephone party line where you can have intimate conversations, but people can listen in – with or without interjecting, liking or not liking. Surprisingly intimate and crass. would like to assist friends and colleagues make the most of Facebook, particularly via pages, groups and events … and in turn, figure it out for ourselves. What do we post, share, and converse about? Ongoing.

Bonus point for making events and posts easy to embed on other websites.

For current users, highly recommended is downloading one’s own Facebook data. Easy to do from the settings page:

Favorite Pages and Groups
On Facebook there is a Planeta Page and a Planeta Group. Hosting a page and a group, I see the advantages and disadvantages of each, but it’s still difficult to articulate. Supposedly groups are more communal than pages which are the voice of the business, campaign, or the whatever.

An invite to like
Una invitación para dar un me gusta a

Stray Observations

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Artwork / Cue Yourself
Levels of Engagement: Facebook 09.2017 #happybirthday

Is there an event page on Facebook? = ¿Hay una página del evento en Facebook? #roofdog

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