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Family Travel

Photo: Ron Mader, Wetlands Park (Some rights reserved)

Family Travel = traveling parties, including married couples traveling together, spouses traveling with children, grandparents traveling with grandchildren, single parents with children, reunion-goers, siblings with relatives, and more.


Some of our most memorable experiences are roadtrips, encounters, and reunions with family. We make pilgrimages to one another’s cities or sometimes meet up on the road. What is family travel in the age of the pandemic? Do we stay 10 feet apart and wear masks? Do we wave through windows? How do we make our homes as sanitary as our visitors expect?

Travel with Kids and Travel with Older Parents

I’m in the demographic of having childhood memories of fantastic road trips and having matured and been a guide to my own parents, whether to Baja California, Oaxaca or more recently, doctors’ offices and hospitals.



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