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Colibri Award
The 2003 Colibri Ecotourism Award was presented to Fernando Garcia Aguinaco, a Mexican journalist. His role as moderator of the Red Mexicana elevated a good dialogue to an exceptional level.

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MEXICO CITY — As part of the global celebration of World Environment Day, Planeta.com announced that Mexican journalist and photographer Fernando Garcia Aguinaco had won the third annual Colibri Ecotourism Award.

Each year on June 5, the United Nations celebrates World Environment Day as a way to stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment and enhance political attention and action. Planeta is proud to participate in this international event via our Colibri Award.

Spanish for ‘Hummingbird’, the “Colibri” recognizes outstanding individual achievement at the vanguard of environmental travel in Mexico. Recipients are chosen by Planeta.com President Ron Mader in consultation with leading members of the Mexico Ecotourism Network, including Antonio Suárez, Marlene Ehrenberg, Verena Gerber and Jorge Chavez de la Peña. In addition to the beautifully designed Colibri Award, this year’s winner Fernando Garcia Aguinaco receives a US$1,000 cash prize underwritten by Canyon Travel, a prominent Copper Canyon ecotourism operator and Planeta supporter.

Announcing the award, Planeta’s Ron Mader noted: “Fernando Garcia’s savvy of the Web and its application has elevated the level of dialogue and awareness of critical issues in the development of Mexican ecotourism.”


A contributor to the Michelin Travel guidebook, editorial coordinator of the Volando website, and writer for numerous magazines, Garcia has participated in various Planeta forums and conferences since 1996. In 2002 he assumed new responsibilities as guest moderator for Mexico Ecotourism Network forums, the most popular country-specific discussions hosted by Planeta.

A major challenge in online dialogue is the role of Moderator — revising messages and sending polite requests to participants to heed and follow forum guidelines. “Fernando Garcia elicits the best comments from Mexico forum participants — a talent beneficial to us all,” said Canyon Travel President Emilio Kifuri. “Mexican journalists are essential to raising both traveler and trade awareness of Mexico’s high world ranking in biodiversity and its ecotourism potential.”

“Facilitating the discussion about responsible tourism in Mexico has surpassed my expectations,” Garcia replied. “Every day I see how participation in an online community can enlighten the members regardless of where they live or work. Red Mexicana has improved communication among stakeholders and it has been satisfying to encourage a bilingual dialogue.”

Nowadays Fernando is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and teaches yoga in Mexico City.

Fernando and Ron @ojoqtv


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