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Among our fave podcasts and appointment radio listening: BBC’s Fighting Talkbbc.co.uk/programmes/b0070hvs – a topical sports show broadcast on BBC Radio 5. The show is broadcast live Saturday mornings 11am-noon.

The current and longest-serving presenter has been Colin Murray. Previous hosts were Johnny Vaughan and Christian O’Connell.

If you are listening to the podcast/on-demand audio, listen past the end for the “podcast extra.”

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Official spin: “A razor-sharp breakdown of all that’s happening in the volatile world of sport. Colin Murray acts as ringmaster – or referee – over a panel of experts from around the world trying to stick their oar in and put their spin on events. Colin gives points for informed comments but penalises any witless outbursts.”


March 28, 2020
Rick Edwards, Tamsin Greenway, Dougie Anderson and Adam Rowe join Colin Murray

March 2, 2019
Most disrespectful sportsperson?
The greatest day that didn’t happen in sports?
Who is the greatest thieve in sports?
What might other sporting trophies smell like?
Alan Patridge of sport?
Any other business?
Defending the indefensible

05:00 Bullpen car … Grapefruit and Cactus leagues
08:30 Serena Williams having an absolute strop
09:00 The winter of 1963
16:00 Wheelhouse of the 1980s
36:40 Wimbleton. Loser gets a plate no one would eat off .. Trout supper … By the end there is no grass

Panelists include Toronto-based Greg Brady.

Steve Bunce

Fighting Talk


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