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Finance in Common Summit (2020)

The online Finance in Common Summit, November 9-12, 2020, addressed our common need to build new forms of prosperity that take care of the living (people and planet) in a resilient manner.

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In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent global socio-economic crisis, the Finance in Common Summit will stress the crucial role of Public Development Banks (PDBs) in reconciling short-term countercyclical responses to the crisis with sustainable recovery measures that will have a long-term impact on the planet and societies. The Finance in Common Summit is an opportunity to:
— gather for the first time the world’s 450 PDBs and discuss their role, their ambition, their challenges and opportunities;
— bring together the financial community at large to design a financial system whereby Public Development banks would have the ability to reorient and leverage all financial flows in the direction of climate and the SDGs; and
— contribute to supporting and reinventing multilateralism by promoting new forms of cooperation.
The Finance in Common Summit will gather the whole Public Development Bank community along with other key stakeholders, such as Heads of State, governments, supervisors, and representatives from the private sector, civil society, think tanks and academia.

The Finance in Common Summit will be a key milestone on the way to the crucial events of 2021, notably the COP26, the COP15 and the Generation Equality Forum, by reconciling the entire finance community in support of the common action for climate and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


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