Photo: Ron Mader, Caldo de Piedra (Some rights reserved)

Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the chemical process of combustion, releasing heat and light

Also see: wildfires

Recommended listening
How fire has shaped Australia – Long before colonisation, fire was shaping the Australian landscape. Controlled burning was conducted by indigenous people for land management and agricultural purposes. But for Australian settlers, fire quickly became something to fear. Paul Barclay speaks to a panel of experts about the history of fire in Australia, including our many devastating wild fires.

The impact of fire on fauna – Fire management has been based on flora, while little is known about how fauna respond to intense fires.

Catching Fire: how cooking made us human – Primatologist Richard Wrangham argues we got our big brains — and evolved into humans — only after we figured out how to use fire to cook our food. If we couldn’t cook, he says, we’d still be in the trees.

The Fire Myth – This feature explores the history of how European Australians have understood bushfire, or more accurately, how it has been misunderstood. To be able to fully understand bushfire we need to take a step back and look at the landscape in which those fires regularly take place. We need to understand that we live in the most fire adapted island in the world.

Visit to Caldo de Piedra (Stone Soup), 2008

Prescribed Fire

Who started the first fire?
Bushfires ablaze in New South Wales and Tasmania
Haze from western wildfires penetrates Las Vegas Valley – Las Vegas Review-Journal


Fire is perhaps the most captivating thing on the planet, it makes camping at this time of year 76% more enjoyable. – Wilderness Solutions

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