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We are looking forward to seeing how the revamped Flickr photography site – flickr.com – develops. As a long-time user / member / fan, I am looking forward to seeing how good friends and wonderful strangers adjust to the revised Flickrverse.

That said, here are some of our fave accounts which document places photographed by locals and travelers around the world (sometimes the same photographer at home and abroad).

My personal fave faves bring the local, day-to-day into focus. Epic shots, are wonderful eye-candy. I’m more than satisfied with plaques, road signs, and documentary shots of places in transition – the houses that appear on the hill, the restoration of old homes, bike lanes, and weaving.

Melissa Biggs
Fernando Garcia Aguinaco
Marcus Bauer
Aivar Ruukel
Erica Fischer
James Marvin Phelps
Royston Rascals
Martin Heigan
Matthias Ripp
Bernard Spragg
Thomas Hawk
Willem van Valkenburg@wfvanvalkenburg

Mexico Bike Tour

Agencies and Institutions
Biodiversity Heritage Library
European Space Agency
NASA Goddard
USFWS Mountain Prairie
Texas Parks and Wildlife

Ron Mader@ronmader
More faves


Who are your favorite people to follow on Flickr? = ¿Quiénes son tus personas favoritas para seguir en Flickr? = Wem folgen Sie am liebsten auf Flickr? = Quelles sont vos personnes préférées à suivre sur Flickr?

What we would love to see
More Flickr photos / artwork with attribution-sharealike licenses, particularly from institutions and agencies. It would be much easier to publish features about parks and places to visit with photos we are legally able to use on this site.

What we would love to discuss
Our conversations about Flickr continue. We also are sussing out the nature of photography and how best to digitize (or not) older photos and videos. We encourage the use of photos and videos from friends who run travel and tourism services, but what works best for whom?



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