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Is it time for a 2021 Flickr Renaissance? We’re in for this coming year, starting with the start slideshow option on old school Apple TV.

Specifics – Would you trust connecting your Flickr account to your Roku device?

Connecting Flickr to Roku


This is a third-party service. If you don’t trust it with access to your account, then you should not authorize it.

By authorizing this link, you’ll allow Roku DVP to:

  • Access your Flickr account (including private content)

Roku DVP will not have permission to:

  • Upload, Edit, or Replace photos and videos in your account
  • Interact with other members’ photos and videos (comment, add notes, favorite)
  • Delete photos and videos from your account

The Price of a Flickr Pro Subscription is Going Up Starting Today
Flickr will soon start deleting photos — and massive chunks of internet history
Millions of historical images posted to Flickr

Your Yahoo! and Flickr passwords will always remain private, but Roku DVP will have the permissions listed above until you revoke its link to your account. (You can revoke such links at any time in the Extending Flickr section of your account prefs.)

What’s going on here?

Flickr encourages other developers to build cool tools for you to play with, but you must authorize these third parties to access your account.

Want to know more?

A wealth of information lies within the Flickr Services page.

What is Flickr?Flickr is a website that allows users to store, sort, search, and share photos online. When it launched, it was the first of its kind to provide a public platform for photo sharing. Now the options include Facebook, Instagram, and countless others. Ron Mader and Planeta.com are still fans of Flickr and are happy to share tips for making the most of the service.

Share photos in relevant groups.

Fave a photo! (For details, read on.)

Can I keep photos private – Yes. You can select this option as you upload pictures.

How do I share a photo with a group? – If you belong to a specific group, just add your photo to the group pool (if not, join the group first, because only members of a group can contribute to the group pool).

The easiest way add a photo to a group is to go to the photo’s page, and click on the ‘Send to Group’ button that you should see between the photo title and the photo itself. Click that, then choose the group you want to send it to, and you’re done!

Planeta groups include Accessible Travel, City Parks, World Museums, World Parks , and Mexico Baseball. We also contribute to Mexican Palette and the Mezcal Pool.

How do I fave a photo? – When you are looking at a photo’s individual page, you can tell the photographer (and the world) that it’s one of your favorites. If you have a Flickr account and you are logged in, you will see a button on the left hand side of the photo which reads ‘Add to favorites’. Click!

How do I block someone on Flickr?https://help.flickr.com/block-or-unblock-someone-in-flickr-HksthQjy7

Can I put my Flickr photos on my website? – Yes! You can configure a dynamic badge of Flickr photos to add to your website.

Can other people see my faves? – Yes. When another person looks at your favorites, they see all the public photos in your collection.

How do I protected my photos from being downloaded by someone else? – You can set a global preference that controls who can download your photos. Just select a setting — from “Only Me” to “Anyone.” This setting applies to all your photos and is combined with your privacy settings.

More answers in Flickr’s own FAQ

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