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Flood = overflow of an expanse of water that submerges land

Also see: flooding, storm surge

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Impacts of high-tide flooding on local economic activity – As sea level rises, economic impacts are being felt. A carpark in the tourist area of Annapolis floods more now at high tide. Visitor numbers are down. And turnover is drifting lower.

Floods – How freakish are the recent heavy rainfalls in eastern Australia that caused devastating flooding in Queensland and Victoria? Is the idea of a 100-year flood event still valid, given the warnings about climate change? Ian Lowe addresses these and other questions.

Deluges that have gone before: floods in Australian history – As flash floods, tidal surges, cyclones, burst riverbanks and downpours have impacted on much of Eastern Australia, we’ve heard many references to the floods that have gone before. These floods stand as markers and reference points, in both practical and symbolic ways.

After the Floods – In central Victoria, the water from the devastating January floods has receded from many areas. But the crisis is far from over, with houses wrecked and businesses wiped out.


Aivar at Karuskose


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