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World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy (Foro Mundial de la Gastronomía Mexicana) #fmgm18

This year’s World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy (Foro Mundial de la Gastronomía Mexicana) takes place August 16-19, 2018 in Longbeach, California. Hashtag: #fmgm18 

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This is the first time the forum takes place outside of Mexico.

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From the organizers
In its diverse regional expressions, the rise of Mexican cuisine abroad is widely known. The same does not happen with the analysis that must be done about the repercussions that this expansive phenomenon implies in cultural, or social or economic terms, particularly when it comes to communities that, by themselves, are a power in demographic and cultural terms. Such is the case of Mexicans in the United States whose influence represents a whole lifestyle with their ways of eating.

We know for example that, in that great country, a fifth of the registered restaurants are Mexican; that there are more products consumed on the basis of industrialized corn; that on that side more tortillas are sold than in our own territory; that the cooks and the personnel of all hierarchy that works in the professional or domestic kitchens come from our soil; that the trade of food products has a determining weight in the national economy and that, in short, our kitchen is embedded by the entire venous network of the neighbor to the north.

At this point we must ask ourselves what we are doing to ensure that this event truly results in adequate policies that benefit the wide range of factors that intervene in the flourishing gastronomic Mexican stamp.

This argument must serve as a strong foundation for the World Gastronomy Forum in Mexico to shorten the distances and to work with the people of the American Union who contribute to the development of our cuisine in the spirit of extolling it and converting it into a symbol of identity pride in a powerful instrument to live and progress.

Conservatorio de la Cultura Gastronómica Mexicana
The Conservatory of Mexican Gastronomic Culture (CCGM) is an organization of Mexican civil society, which aims to safeguard the roots, identity and continuity of Mexican cuisine. It is a coadjuvant agent in the preservation of the gastronomic patrimony, as well as in the protection of the food sovereignty of Mexico.

El Conservatorio de la Cultura Gastronómica Mexicana (CCGM) es una organización de la sociedad civil mexicana, que tiene como objetivo la salvaguardia de las raíces, la identidad y la continuidad de la gastronomía de México. Es un agente coadyuvante en la preservación del patrimonio gastronómico, así como en la protección de la soberanía alimentaria de México.

Mission = Misión
Orient research and education towards innovative approaches. Strengthen the relationship between innovative processes in the field of gastronomy, with the economy, with agricultural sciences, with crops, modes of production and the preparation of traditional foods.
To foment and articulate the creation of Mexican Food Houses, inside and outside the territory of Mexico, so that in them the traditional cooks, the mayoras, the chefs, the students, put into practice the culinary traditions, provide the gastronomic services and disseminate among the public the highest values of Mexican gastronomy.
Disseminate the diverse expressions of the gastronomic cultural heritage of Mexico taking advantage of the new technologies of cybernetics, through the creation of a specialized Documentation Center and with support in all media to its legitimate reach.

Orientar la investigación y la educación hacia enfoques innovadores. Reforzar la relación entre los procesos innovadores en la esfera de la gastronomía, con la economía, con las ciencias agrícolas, con los cultivos, los modos de producción y la preparación de los alimentos tradicionales.
Fomentar y articular la creación de Casas de la Comida Mexicana, dentro y fuera del territorio de México, para que en ellas las cocineras tradicionales, las mayoras, los chefs, los estudiantes, pongan en práctica las tradiciones culinarias, presten los servicios gastrónomicos y difundan entre el público los mas altos valores de la gastronomía mexicana.
Difundir las diversas expresiones del patrimonio cultural gastronómico de México aprovechando las nuevas tecnologías de la cibernética, mediante la creación de un Centro especializado de documentación y con apoyo en todos los medios a su legítimo alcance.


Fifth World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy (2017)

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