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Photo: 2010 Xochimilco

Foamboard is a portable, inexpensive noticeboard. It’s an idea that can easily be copied. It has a frugal budget, and works wonders in creating opportunities for timely conversations. It’s a great way to amplify local voices.

Foamboard is a practical, economical and creative lo-fi heritage media. It’s part collage, part information board, part asynchronous dialogue and part catalyst for real-time, face-to-face conversation. Foamboards facilitate social briding. The objective is to create a dynamic information service that links cultures and encourages conversation and information sharing. Think of this as an experiment and working model of read write culture which encourages engagement.

We encourage you to take this idea and recreate it in your local space. The foamboard idea can be freely copied and adapted.

If you would like to make a foamboard — it’s a great solo or group project — buy a standard foamboard to hang in a public area. In 2013, the foamboard cost about 100 pesos ($10 US dollars). The foamboard can be adorned with mantel del hule (oil cloth) and hung with a mecate (rope). The board should include extra chinches or chinchetas (tacks) for others to add info. Total cost: 150 pesos ($15).

Our advice. Prioritize the ‘small is beautiful’ mantra by limiting space to small signs, business cards and flyers, nothing too big. Avoid using tape as this can mar the foamboard.

What to add? How about images taken from the Web? It’s a great way of linking the virtual and natural worlds. You’re welcome to use any of our motivational posters.

Message to the Foamboard Audience
Da Valor a Lo Pequeño: Pidimos anuncios en formato pequeño (media carte o más chiqitito). Por favor quita la información de eventos pasados. Mantiene este pared informatico y toma un foto con esto para subir a nuestro pagina Facebook: facebook.com/mercadopochotexochimilco

Vocabulary = Vocabulario
Tacks = Chinches o chinchetas
Pin = Marcador
Map = Mapa
Calendar = Calendario
Flyers = Volantes
Business cards = Tarjetas de presentación

Oilcloth = Mantel de hule
Glue = Adhesivo Parisina)
Metallic tape = Cinta metalica

Cutter = Cutter
Scissors = Tijeras
Pen = Pluma
Magnets = Imanes
Ruler = Regla

What not to use
Large posters (anything larger than a letter)
Posters that hang off the foamboard
Cinta masking = masking tape

Creates a positive space for information sharing
It engages passers-by with timely info and extra thumb tacks
It encourages a ‘small is beautiful’ approach to information.

Be Careful = Ten Cuidado
Foamboard’s natural enemy is water. It’s vulnerable to rain so be careful that it’s not rained on or rained on too much! When the foamboard becomes a bit too dilapidated for your visitors POV, replace the foamboard with a new one. Outdoors foamboards can last 3-4 months with care. Without care, a few weeks!

Pide anuncios y volantes tamaño pequeño (menos de media carta)
Muestra información actualizada, acerca la semana o mes que entra.
Asegura que el foamboard esta bien cuidado y no esta abandonado en la lluvia o por la noche.

Jacieria Foamboard from January @ Oaxaca 08.2011

foamboard @ comala

Pasaporte Mezcalero (Foamboard 01-20-11)

Foamboard @ Oaxaca 02.2012

Baseball Foamboard: Trading Cards, Fan Art, Calendar and Social Responsibility Campaign @ Oaxaca 04.2013

Foamboard @ Oaxaca 11.2013

Alcala Foamboard @ Oaxaca 2013

Foamboard 03.2011

Foamboard @ Oaxaca 02.2012

Europe and Sami Foamboard 06.2011

Ron’s original foamboards were on display at local markets and restaurants, including Bambú, Becari Tonatzin, Comala, Flor de Loto, Grupo Lula’a, Xiguela and the Friday/Saturday Pochimilco Market.



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